Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Hand That Played" - An Uplifitng Family Movie, Or A Depressing Indi Movie

I had the best idea for a movie that would be a great uplifting, live-action family movie, but could also be interpreted into a depressing, real-life, independent movie. Not coming soon from Padraic Productions.

"The Hand That Played" - Disney Version

Charles was a great violinist, until a horrible accident left him without the use of his right hands, and they had to be removed to prevent infection from contaminating the rest of his body. Unable to ever play again, he finds his dreams long dead. Until, a breakthrough in robotics gives him a cybernetic arm. Over years of struggle, he is able to teach his arms to play the violin, but not very well. Along the way a girlfriend/boyfriend/child/friend helps his overcome his self-esteem issues when he thinks he cannot ever accomplish his dreams, but they teach him to believe in himself. In the end, he is able to teach himself to play through his robotic arms, and is able to win the greatest violin competition in the world, finally fulfilling his life's dream.

"The Hand That Played" - Indi Version

Charles was a great violinist, until a horrible accident left him without the use of his hands. Unable to ever play again, he finds his dream long dead. After discovering a breakthrough in robotic arms, he volunteers to have his own hands removed to replace them with artificial ones. After years of teaching himself to play the violin again, he enters and wins many contests, but finds himself ultimately disqualified due to his robotic arms being considered cheating. Years of sacrifice and the choice to remove his own limbs have left him without his dreams and what he believes to be a wasted life. Frustrated and angry, he spirals into depression and drugs before meeting some girlfriend/boyfriend/child/friend that comes along and helps him to enjoy life again and that just because you fail, doesn't mean you have to give up on life. Or that never happens and there is a 2nd, alternative ending where he kills himself because society was against at every turn. The End. Movie awards follow.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Freaky The Legacy - Popular (Music Video)

A music video for Freak The Legacy. This is the song "Popular" in which i helped write the music video.