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Dishonored Story Playthorugh: Mission 3 - Find Emily: Revisit The Previous Level

Mission #3 – Find Emily:  Revisit The Previous Level

                Emily is being held at the Golden Cat, a bathhouse (or brothel, let’s face it).  As soon as I begin, I realize I’m starting in the same spot that I started my last mission.  Now, however, the door to the main street is sealed shut, and a giant Watch Tower with automatic guns is shooting at tons of people fleeing in the distance.
                I try to see Granny Rags, but her house is sealed shut from both entrances.  I explore some rooftops and find a dead homeless man, and then eat all of his food.  I hope I don’t get food poisoning.  How am I able to eat this bread if it’s days old?  Shouldn’t it be as hard as a brick?  
I then teleport onto the Watch Tower and find I can easily remove the Whale oil to stop it.  I then vault over the wall and disable all the guards in the vicinity, afraid that killing them will be too messy.  I explore the scientist’s house again, only to find there is a dead body, and some guards inside.  I find nothing of interest.  I return to the streets and reprogram the Wall of Light because I want to see some guards fry.  Hilariously, one guard tries to throw a grenade at me, only for it to evaporate into the wall.  He slowly approaches the Wall 3 times, as if thinking about very hard about his decision and basing it on what he has seen already, then just decides, screw it, runs into the wall, then evaporates into dust.  What school did this guard go to?

I vault back over the wall I came (I don’t want to go forward, there’s another tower that doesn’t look easy to get by) then go across the bridge where I notice the man that had died previously on my first mission here, waiting for his lover at the dock so they could escape.  I then realize in horror I never told his lover that he had died.  How could I have forgotten that?  How many nights has she wondered what happened to him?   
                I then realize I haven’t really used the Heart on any City Watch or Overseer’s yet.  I just decide not to use it unless it’s on someone important.
In the streets I am suddenly attacked by someone I can’t see--it’s people with the same powers that I have.  Not only that, but they are dressed exactly like those who killed my Empress!  I try to slow time, but one of them has the same idea, and I see that one of them is slowed, but the other is not.  I barely manage to kill them all and survive.  What disturbs me most, is that the Outsider gave me this power.  Did he give it to them as well, or did they get it in another day?  There haven’t been any books on the subject lying around people’s homes open to that exact subject.  Did the Outsider kill my beloved Empress and then give me powers to fight the killers he hired as some sort of sick game for his amusement?  
                I return to the Distillery to learn that the bottleneck street gang lost half their men with the ‘poisoned’ elixir.  Instead of attacking me on sight, however, this time they just rudely allow me to pass.  I laugh as I hear about the problems they have, and wonder if I should kill them all.  I meet with Slackjaw, and he tells me I can help him if I get info on his man Crowly, which I already picked up while at the scientist's house.  I learn that someone (other than me) is killing his gang.  He gives me a key that will get me over to the Golden Cat easier.  He then tells me he can ‘kidnap’ the Pendletons for me.  He won’t kill them, he’ll just take them somewhere.  Is he going to sell them as slaves?  Torture them?  Brainwash?  It’s never made clear, but I want to kill them anyway, so I reject his offer.  He also asks if I can find out the combination to the Artist’s Building’s safe (god, this guy is needy—how does the gang ever get anything done?)
I enter the Artist’s building, but the thugs here don’t know about my alliance and try to attack me.  They pay with their lives, and then the rats eat them while I inspect the safe.  I look at the safe and realize that the gang is completely stupid (and realize why they can’t get anything done).  There are 999 possible combinations on this lock, and when the number is correct, the door will open automatically.  All they needed to do was spend 1 hour trying all the combinations.  I could do it, too, but it’s not worth my time.
I leave, only to find guards patrolling where I had previously knocked everyone unconscious.  Did they all wake up?  I search the place I dumped the bodies, only to find them gone.  Did the rats eat them?  Do they eat unconscious bodies?  Have I inadvertently killed everyone in my quest without realizing it?
I see that the Wall of Light is no longer under my control.  I then back around, and find a former Art Building employee thank me for saving her and give me a key to the abandoned Art Gallery Apartment (which I already broken into).  When did I save her?  At first, I thought she was the one who was assumed of witchcraft that got away, but that wouldn’t make sense, as she was two blocks over.  In the person’s exact location last level, 4 thugs killed a City Watch guard, then got into an argument over how they were splitting the spoils, and 2 of them teamed up and killed the other two (what was odd was that they used alcohol to breath fire at each other).  However, there was no innocent girl to save there.   I know I do a lot good, but I would like to at least know how I did it!  I then realize that it was probably possible to break into this building the previous day.
I knock out some guards, and then reprogram the 2nd Watch Tower to shoot anyone it sees, which seems pointless since the streets are empty. 

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Dishonored Story Playthrough: Mission 2.5 - Hearing My Allies Thoughts / Searching Everywhere

Mission 2.5 – Hearing My Allies Thoughts / Searching Everywhere
      I start out by opening my heart (the item I have, not my real one) and using it on all my allies. I find out lots of interesting things about them, such as learning that Cecillia (the common maid) was a seamstress at a rich location, Havelock’s brother died when he was 9, and that Lord Pendleton’s servant (Wallace) lost all his belongings in the flood (which might explain why the heart later says he steals a few coins from Lord Pendleton). Some things it tells me are a little disturbing, such as learning that Piero watches Callista bathe, and that Havelock has killed many whales and people for profit and pleasure.

      I explore the area, only to realize that my heart tells me there is 1 rune somewhere nearby; it says it’s only 5 meters away through a wall, but I’m sure I’ve been everywhere except through the 2 locked doors. I give up and explore the large tower, but can never find a way into the rooms above.

      Luckily, an easier rune is where I swam everyone that accomplished nothing 2 days ago. I see there is a catwalk up above before I jump in, and try to use my new wind powers to blow away the wood above me, but nothing happens. Maybe I have to get more powerful, or God has deemed that no one can exist in this space.

      I find Cecillia, and she is being told my Pendleton’s servant that she must learn to bow and do things properly for the nobles who visit here in the resistance. She is pretty annoyed, saying that everyone is equal here. However, she quickly walks away from his annoying ways. I really don’t like Wallace. At least Pendleton, while he does seem to talk down to others, never comes off overbearing or pompous; you would think his servant was a noble, too. Later, I talk to Cecillia, and she asks about my relationship with the Empress, and quickly retracts it. I would actually like to know the answer to that, as I think I forgot about it in prison.

      I explore the large tower, and try desperately to use my Blink power to get to the very top where I can clearly see an open door. I think there is only 1 place to stand, but my Blink never gives me an arrow indicating it is safe to go. I can see there are holes in the floorboard in the room itself, but Blink won’t allow me up there either, and Windblasts won’t blow away the floorboards. Having to give up a 2nd time, I finally decide to get some sleep.

      When I try to get to Havelock, I run into Wallace again. He is getting on the maid for not doing enough cleaning, while she claims that this place would fall apart without her. Later, one of her comments says, “Mrs. Pendleton; no, I don’t think so.” This leave me to imply that she might have slept with him, was thinking about him, or the argument that I ran into was somehow involved in it. Too many options, so I just forget about it.

      Also, Callista is talking to Piero, but they are having a really awkward conversation. She says he’s pretty nice and, yes, she is slightly attracted to him, but he just doesn’t know how to talk to a lady. I try to talk to Piero to help him with his problems, but he’s only interested in upgrading my items. So, I spend all my money upgrading all I can. Did I really steal $2,500 gold? I obtain my double-zoom and the capacity to carry more darts.

      I never buy the ability to see through walls to find people, or to see their field of vision This feels like cheating to me. Plus, it might be too easy with it. At least this way I feel some real suspense when doing a mission, and actually have to be careful doing my job.

     Havelock wants me to check out a noise in the sewer to see if it’s a Weeper or a nosy Overseer. I find the rune I had given up looking for and kill some zombies…I mean, Weepers. I put them out of their misery because they can’t be saved, and they aren’t really living anymore anyway.

      I met the Overseer I saved (Teague Martin) and worry about some possible friction about working with an Overseer since I clearly have the powers of their enemy–the Outsider. However, he tells me that we are all equal here and have to do what we can. I gain some respect for him in his handling of this situation.

      I then learn that the journal we stole from the High Overseer stated Emily’s whereabouts, and that she is being held by Pendleton’s two older, twin, brothers. They must be killed for kidnapping my beloved Emily. I learn that time is not on my side. The Lord Regent will most likely ‘find’ Emily and say he saved her, just to get in good with the city. Also, apparently, Pendleton says that the Lords are getting to the point that they will soon have a vote or what to do with who is in power if Emily isn’t found soon. So, the Lord Regent is not yet in full control? Who would they put in power if they start a vote? I start to care less and decide it’s time to save the daughter I never had.

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