Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kickstarter Arrival - Ninja High School Textbook 1

      So, Ninja High School had a Kickstarter recently that collected the first 25 issues of the series that started as an independant comic in the 1980s. I had read Volume 2 in 2003 and really enjoyed issues 101 - 115 that I had (Volume 2 starts at issue 75), but it's been so long that I don't remember much of the series other than there were ninjas, superheroes, and space battles, but I remember enjoying it, and can't wait to read the series in full.

      It was only a few years ago that I saw the manga sized version of Volume 1 (the first 6 issues) which followed different characters other than the ones I had read. It follows the story of Jeremy Feeple, a boy from a ninja family who hasn't taken to his family's calling. A ninja bride arrives to marry him based on a deal Jeremy's mother made with her father, but at the same time, an alien has been sent to marry him by royal decree. The two girls fight for his affections. Slowly, it gains a very large cast of characters. It also included really random anime references that I understand now, but I'm not sure many people would have gotten back in the 80s. Anyway, here is the cover.

 photo 23a1c2f0-028a-42ba-b5a2-8ef21895d302_zpsme6n4oaw.jpg
Who needs a title?!

      An Add-On reward was the Ninja High School Volume 2 Textbook, which were the stories of Jeremy's brother and his adventures, pictured above. I was disappointed I missed that Kickstarter, but excited it was an add-on so I could still get it.

      Extra rewards that came with the Kickstarter were also 5 prints (3 were the characters from Ninja High School Volume 2, while the other 2 were Angel Warrior Areala and some character I don't recognize) and a button.

 photo 81c919bc-875d-4873-8096-bad11c56ab1d_zpsp2zrycei.jpg

 photo 25c9fe02-82e8-4316-8e47-bf361f746985_zpsydroft93.jpg

 photo 21bfd85c-f05d-4b95-8f3b-47dd0327823e_zps3w2w12iu.jpg

      And I've also noticed that both textbooks are on Amazon, so if you are interested in giving the series a try, you should look for old copies of Tokyopops' books because the first 3 volumes are incredibly cheap at only a few bucks (but is insanely expensive Volume 5 and beyond), but if you like the series, you should definitely buy the textbook.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mechanaflux - January 2015 Recap

      Mechanaflux is now weekly at This month I posted the Cover of Issue #2, the Bonus Cover, the Interior Page preview, and lastly, the 1st page of Chapter 2. Check them all out at the website to see how Cory, Jackson, & Arad survive their experience in a new world full of death machines and a decaying land. If only they could meet some other characters to help them out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Murphy's Media Memories - Transformers: Battle For Earth

      First, some back story about the following video. I made some videos in 2012 and 2013 called Murphy's Media Memories. The premise is simple; I find rare and obscure VHS movies, cartoons, books, electronic game systems, and even failed technologies like Marvel's first CD Comics from the early 90s. All of these are things I remember experiencing during my childhood (before the year 2000; when I graduated high school). I really enjoyed most of them, but sometimes no one ever knows what I'm talking about if I describe it, and sometimes you can't even find them, so I offer to the internet these interesting media choices that people should know about.

      My series was picked up for I hope to have pictures for the backlog of episodes up later. I have been working with them to get episodes up that don't need to be recorded in real time anymore like I've always had to work with due to my old computer connecting to the digital cassettes through the Firewire cable. Now I can actually store data on cards instantly and put them on my computer!

      The first episode for CastWaveStudios is Transformers: Battle For Earth, a children's hardcover book that introduces kids to the world of Transformers, then attempts (and fails) to tell a story in words along with pictures. Hope you find the video entertaining.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Strength #2 - Final Cover

The cover for Strength #2 is here. The issue is nearly completed; the end of the story is in sight.

This cover was drawn by Marc Lewis (

 photo Strength2FinalCover_zps58f3814a.png