Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anime Fantasy Quest - Who Would You Take With You?

An ancient evil has erupted and is consuming an unknown (to you) fantasy world. You are sucked in and chosen as a hero, but first, you must recruit a party of adventures to help you defeat the great evil (that has finally returned). Chose 4 adventurers from any ANIME (series or movie or OVA) to join you (you are the 5th). Rules: 1) You can only chose Fantasy anime characters (so no Gundams or Cowboy Bebop characters, but, hey, One Piece is considered a Fantasy, and you can even cheat and use Final Fantasy VI and Darkstalkers since they were made into anime). 2) You can only chose main characters, or supporting characters. No villains (unless they later become main and/or nerfed supporting characters [see below]) 3) Only 1 character per series. 3) You must have a 3/2 or 2/3 ration of males and females (counting yourself)

Rubette (from Rokudo) - Swordfighter/Archer
Rubette1_zps295e5917 photo Rubette1_zps295e5917-1_zps47afd35a.jpg
Rubette is a powerful sword fighter; she defeats nearly all the villains in the first 3 episodes while the main character, Gokudo, only defeats about one or two. She is eventually given a magic bow with unlimited energy arrows, so she can do combines close-combat fighting with long-range attacks. In addition, she is loyal to her companions, even when they lie, cheat, steal, or hit on her; she accepts everyone for who they are, even taking care of her friend when he turns into an old man. On the negative, she loves fighting, and will jump into any fight instantly and might make encounters longer and harder than they need to be. As a bonus, if it's the Rubette from the end of the series, she will also have additional powers from the God she has trapped in her body. It is extremely dangerous to underestimate her and she will help take out most enemies quickly.

Lina Inverse (from Slayers): Magic-User
LinaInverse_zpsc26ab8ae photo LinaInverse_zpsc26ab8ae-1_zps58ea3353.jpg
Lina Inverse is one of the most powerful magic users. Though she is hard to get along with (don't make her mad) she at least tries to do the right thing, even it usually involves blasting whole towns in the process. Her anger and insanity can be used to get under the villain's skin to subtlety allow them to make mistakes. When facing many legions of undead or orcs, and very large enemies like Dragons or Gods, her powerful spells would be an absolute necessity.

Anubis (from Ronin Warriors: Season 2) - Spiritualist, Leader, Summoner
 photo Anubis_zps77f593d9.gif
He was once a villainous leader, and would bring some different ideas and plans to the group with his previous leadership experience. In addition, he also has many devastating attacks with his armor, but now has additional magic from following the Ancient One by use of a magic staff. He has a strict code of honor which could help bring the other members of the group in line (though it also has the potential to just lead to arguments with Rubette and Lina). He would also be the most likely of the group to be able to solve the main darkness' weakness, as well as how he came to be, why he's back now, etc; all essential information for defeating the main bad guy in the end.

Etoh (from Record of Lodoss War) - Healer
 photo Etoh_zps92995d09.jpg
No matter how powerful you are, you will always be hurt, and you need to be able to be healed quickly. I couldn't think of any healers except Etoh and don't normally see too many in fantasy anime (and the other healer in the Lodoss TV series--but she would always be kidnapped due to people wanting to use her blood to resurrect a god so...). Etoh gets his healing powers from the god Falis, and can use it to heal you very quickly when the party needs it. Plus, he can defend himself, so you won't always have to protect and/or worry if anything is happening to him during battle.

That's it. Hopefully this party could save the world without killing each other in the process.

What would your party look like?

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